Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trip to TX

Tomorrow we are headed to Texas for my sister's wedding.


Isn't she beautiful? My other sister Tiffany took this gorgeous photo- and captured the classic face scrunch that is Elizabeth. We weren't planning on going to Texas until next Christmas but I guess we just couldn't stay away.

There are several things I hope to do while in Texas (aside from attend Elizabeth's wedding):

  • Shoot guns
  • Spotlight for deer
  • Night vision at my grandma's house
  • Fishing at Baffin Bay
  • Eat meat right off the grill
  • Indulge in Mexican food
  • Dinner with Meg
  • Breakfast with Avery
  • Lunch with Lloyd
  • Ride horses
  • Doctor animals
  • Kings Inn
  • Family, family, family
There's no place like home~

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Schools out~

I can't help feeling like I should have quit a long time ago! No sense of accomplishment. Maybe that comes after I walk?

Over the break I plan to get mucho organized and do yoga until my legs fall off.