Monday, October 29, 2012

Down Comforter

So, Doug and I finally got too cold to sleep with a queen sized comforter on a king sized bed (after 1.5 years). I broke down and bought a new down comforter on the cheap!

They're having a 10% off sale right now, too.  I just got mine today, so I can't speak to longevity, but I'm super happy with the quality after one wash cycle.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Baby Moon: Days 4 & 5

Know this:

If you want to go to House of Prime Rib (and apparently, you do) make a reservation when you book your flight.

I've been surrounded by planners on this trip, what happened to spontaneity people? The spontaneous did not get prime rib, or tours of Alcatraz.

Day 4 started with a muni ride into mission for a breakfast treat from Dynamo Donut (Best thing I Ever Ate). We tried the salted caramel donut, maple bacon donut (favorite of Chris Cosentino) and a sticky bun. The donuts were sheer delight. They weren't greasy like most donuts- they were really, fluffy.

We then continued to Alemany for the Farmer's Market. Now, there is a Ferry Building market that is more aesthetic and tourist friendly. Buuut- we figured we'd go down to Alemany to see how the locals do it.
Locals we all their glory (not the Pacific Heights locals either). The farmer's market was amazing! Not necessarily as pretty as others but the produce was amazing! It's fascinating how many fruits and vegetables thrive out here in California. The grapes were perfection, all 14 varieties I tried. The real gem was an Indian stand that sold mint, tamarind and curries galore! Nothing was priced, but that didn't stop us from loading up and nearly spending our grocery budget on locally made Indian goodies.

In the return trip from the south we stopped again at Market and went through Union Square- a fashionistas dream! Of course we didn't stop anywhere as shopping does not fit into the power tourist's timeline. We did see the more than 20,000 women who circled the square in town for the Nike Women's Marathon that is running on Sunday. The registration was ridic. The line went clear around the square, a whole city block. And by the looks of things outside lulu Lemon, business was good throughout the district.

We walked through the Financial District and admired the beautiful architecture then took a self-guided walking tour related to LDS history in SF. It took us throughout Chinatown and parts of the financial district. Can I please recommend walking tours?

It's a wonderful little treasure hunt where you have to chase down historical landmarks and monuments then read or listen all about the history behind them. It was also great way to learn about hidden/unmarked museums (in the basement of a bank building, for example). I also didn't know that SF was once a few thousand acres smaller, before the ocean was filled with landfill to create some flat land along the coast line (including most the financial district and Embarcadero). Actually seems like a good idea to me, using landfill to create more usable space- and imagine the fertile soil that all the waste would create! Can you imagine people throwing trash into the bay now-days? And in California?

We had a happy hour snack at E&O Asian Kitchen (best thing I ever ate, Indonesian Corn Fritters)...delish! Then got some much needed R&R before walking through Japantown and lower Pac-Heights.  We had dinner at Woodhouse Fish Grill (wonderful) were we had crab cakes, lobster rolls and clam chowder (finally) and then went back to Japantown for the best crepe I've ever had at Sophie's Crepes. Really. The best. We also walked through the shop and admired all the pretty stationary (probably the prettiest ever, certainly that we've seen on this trip).

After making the excursion back to our hotel, we slept for the last time on our precious babymoon.

I had a full day planned on Sunday prior to take-off but the DH was concerned that we might somehow, someway miss our flight...instead we opted for a late check-out a return to Brenda's French Diner for the best brunch of our lives and a leisurly ride to the airport

We hoped you enjoyed our baby moon with us. We'll be bringing our baby girl back to the city some day, but I think it will be a few years before she can keep up with Doug the Determined Tourist.

If you come back, try some of the food we've mentioned! Definitely use yelp over urbanspoon for this city. San Franciscans love yelp.

We can't wait to get home and see our pup!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Baby Moon: Day 3

Well, now you need to know this:
If you want to go to Alcatraz buy tickets in advance...because EVERYONE else does.

We went back to the Golden Gate Park via bus (yes, that's right we are nearing muni pro status on Day 3). We took a lovely tour of the Japanese Tea Gardens (recommend!). We used City Guides for the tour, it's a group of volunteers that provide free tours throughout the city. It's a branch of the SF Library - such a great idea. Then we went over to Stow Lake and relaxed for a while. We considered paddle boats, but the 20 mile ride from the previous day kinda put me over the edge.

Instead we walked over to The Taco Shop @ Underdogs for the best fish taco I've ever had in my life. So so good. It was a crunchy corn tortilla inside a soft tortilla the fish taco was stuffed with cabbage, guacamole, cheese, cilantro and delicious salsa.

Then we tried take a walk through Buena Vista Park but all the bum/hippy population of SF gets comfortable in this Haight/Ashbury park and they had a difficult time refraining from yelling obscenities as us- and while the climb to the top is said to offer the most beautiful view in the city we only made it up about 3/4 of the way because we started to get uncomfortable about interrupting ...em, sleeping peeps.

So we move along...

Surprisingly the east side of Buena Vista is virtually hippy free and the walk is down hill (FINALLY) into Castro. Of course this was the perfect opportunity for Doug to recall every SF joke he's ever heard and the best part of all is that Castro proudly boasts their very own sausage factory. Love it. Don't, however, love it as much as the bi-rite Creamery, which happens to probably be the best ice cream we've ever had. Really- EVER. Salted caramel...enough said.

We progressed from Castro via muni up to Market where we took the historic cable car ride through the city and ended at Fisherman's Wharf. First stop: Musee Mechanique. Maybe the best museum in the city? It's full of old carnival games, available for you to play. Some of them are recent enough that I remember from my childhood, but the majority of the games are way older than even my grandparents.  So fun!

We of course stopped at Pier 39 and messed around in the shops, watched the sea lions and then saw a super fun "side show" on the pier stage. It was really amazing. (The guy put real actual scissors in his nose.)


From there we ventured into Little Italy- adorbs. We had dinner at Il Pollaio, a wonderful little place that was voted best comfort food in the city. Really great. The food was so wholesome, delicious and authentic tasting.

I think that was the end of our day...whew. We are getting worn out from the crazy walking- there's no rest for the tourist when Doug Shumway is around.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Documenting the Baby Moon- Day 1-2

So, Hi there.

Doug and I are in SF we got here last night and had the most lovely dinner. I had planned to go to Tommy's Joynt for dinner but when we got there we found that it wasn't a sit down and order place, it was the type of place that you order, get your food and then sit. I think we will still go there but it wasn't right for last night. Instead we went to Brenda's French Soul Food (FABULOUS). We had some crawfish beignets to start- they were wonderful! Dinner was even better!

Then we walked a few blocks and bought a 3 day all access pass for the local bus system. It was pretty late after that so we came back to the hotel.

Today I had planned to explore the Golden Gate Park and the Lands End trail. Apparently there is a place around there called the Underdog Taco Shop that has wonderful fish tacos- I really wanted to try it out.
Once we got our bikes frugal dougal decided he didn't want to rent bikes on two different days so we biked the park (in a hurry) and once we got to the coast we road for like...ever... through lands end, Sutro bath ruins, Presidio (the whole freaking thing), until we got to the Golden Gate Bridge.

The park is spectacular. There is so much to see there (we really only saw it since we were moving pretty fast). Once on the coast, the view is amazing and it only improves as you move closer to lands end. The bike shop owner told us not to ride lands end trail because it is so difficult...buuut we did. on cruiser bikes. We had all the confidence in the world that we were riding in the right direction...but we weren't...ever, really. We rode by Cliffside, through a golf course, through some really lovely neighborhoods with large beautiful homes on the bay. We thought we were on the right track when we went through Presidio Park...but then it sent us way the wrong way. Of course this is all up-hill, almost every second since the park. We eventually found our location to be in Pac Heights and immediately turned around and went back through Presidio (passed the Walt Disney Museum) and saw beautiful views of the bay and bridge until we got to the bridge.

Once into Saulsalito, the ride was downhill and reminiscent of the beautiful Sorrento.

  definitely recommend biking the park, and biking the bridge...maybe not at the same time. I might do it again in the same day, but I think you need to bike the park at least a 1/2 day then eat lunch before going into Saulsalito. Only then you'll miss out of the Light House Diner in Saulsalito... which was spectacular. We shared some wonderful Danish meatballs with beets and cucumber. Anyway, you can return your bikes pretty late so no need to rush (or die)

We rode the fairy back over then walked around the Wharf and over to Ghiradelli Square (skip it) where they gave us samples of a Pumpkin Spice chocolate (buy it). We then got the true city feel by writing the F during rush hour back to the hotel.

And here I sit.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brass love fest

Well this is the picture that started it all. Don't you just love it? The beautiful blacksplash, the pale gray cabinets, the magnificent range...AND THE BRASS!
 The obsession only continued from there. La Cornue et al.
 Couldn't you just sleep in that oven? You might have to, because after you buy it you wouldn't be able to afford a house to put it in! The marble hearth around it is the perfect backdrop.
 Once I saw these greige cabinets with brass hardware, I knew it was meant to be. Isn't this picture lovely? Notice the chrome faucet, it works though doesn't it?
 The brass in this picture works well with the marble and dark brown cabinets to bring a sophisticated masculine feel to this space, probably a butlers pantry.
 I found this beautiful fixture and knew it wouldn't work in my space, but it peaked my interest. It didn't take me long to find the Barber Wilsons faucet below.
 This faucet is a dream come true! The bridge, gooseneck and handles and the ideal finish were exactly what I wanted!

But, the sweet husband ....well, the price wasn't exactly what he wanted. This Barber Wilson's faucet is just over $700 and while that isn't nearly as expensive as it's Waterworks counterpart, if you buy it with a side spray the price almost doubles!
Solution: Signature hardware Ponticello faucet in brass is polished but I don't think it's lacquered. Mine has already tarnished and it is starting to get it's own little patina. I couldn't be happier with this choice, and at $180 with the side spray, the sweet husband couldn't either.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Black Friday MAD*ness

So- Black Friday. The day of deals, right?


Well, maybe.

Anthropologie had a 50% off sale. This happens... never.

Well I went crazy and ordered all the beautiful things that I've coveted all year.

Drool worthy, right?

I ordered 23 items (of course planning to return the majority of them). My order was confirmed, I have an email to prove it.

And then.
Cancellation alert?

Are you kidding me?

They cancelled x20 of my items and refunded my credit card.

This is why people fight the good fight at 6am for the Black Friday deals. Because it's not likely that you'll leave a store and then find your shopping cart is actually empty.

You'll be disgusted to know the same thing happened with Gap - only they cancelled every item that I ordered so I'm not ever getting a pathetic box from them.

So be warned: you must go to the brick and mortar or the items are cyber ripped from your hands.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Today's workout

So I'm doing the toneitup Fall Challenge. So far the biggest challenge has been drinking enough h2o (half your body weight in oz.)

...however, this fun workout is a top contender for tough.

· 3 Minute Brisk Walk

· 3 Minutes Jog

· 60 Second 'Sprint'- as fast as you can

· 60 Second Jog

· 60 Second 'Sprint'

~ Chill for 20-30 seconds, breathe, take a couple sips of water

  • 20 Pushups
  • 3 Minute Brisk Walk
  • 3 Minutes Jog
  • 60 Second 'Sprint'- as fast as you can
  • 60 Second Jog
  • 60 Second 'Sprint'

~ Chill for 20-30 seconds, breathe, take a couple sips of water

  • 20 Squat Jumps
  • 3 Minute Brisk Walk
  • 3 Minutes Jog
  • 60 Second 'Sprint'- as fast as you can
  • 60 Second Jog
  • 60 Second 'Sprint'

~ Chill for 20-30 seconds, breathe, take a couple sips of water

  • 20 Situps
  • 3 Minute Brisk Walk
  • 3 Minutes Jog
  • 60 Second 'Sprint'- as fast as you can
  • 60 Second Jog
  • 60 Second 'Sprint'

~ Chill for 20-30 seconds, breathe, take a couple sips of water

  • 30 second Plank
5 Minute Cool-down Walk

Hit the weights and burned out my hamstings by doing four sets of 12 squats in the lower 12 inch range