Sunday, October 14, 2012

Baby Moon: Days 4 & 5

Know this:

If you want to go to House of Prime Rib (and apparently, you do) make a reservation when you book your flight.

I've been surrounded by planners on this trip, what happened to spontaneity people? The spontaneous did not get prime rib, or tours of Alcatraz.

Day 4 started with a muni ride into mission for a breakfast treat from Dynamo Donut (Best thing I Ever Ate). We tried the salted caramel donut, maple bacon donut (favorite of Chris Cosentino) and a sticky bun. The donuts were sheer delight. They weren't greasy like most donuts- they were really, fluffy.

We then continued to Alemany for the Farmer's Market. Now, there is a Ferry Building market that is more aesthetic and tourist friendly. Buuut- we figured we'd go down to Alemany to see how the locals do it.
Locals we all their glory (not the Pacific Heights locals either). The farmer's market was amazing! Not necessarily as pretty as others but the produce was amazing! It's fascinating how many fruits and vegetables thrive out here in California. The grapes were perfection, all 14 varieties I tried. The real gem was an Indian stand that sold mint, tamarind and curries galore! Nothing was priced, but that didn't stop us from loading up and nearly spending our grocery budget on locally made Indian goodies.

In the return trip from the south we stopped again at Market and went through Union Square- a fashionistas dream! Of course we didn't stop anywhere as shopping does not fit into the power tourist's timeline. We did see the more than 20,000 women who circled the square in town for the Nike Women's Marathon that is running on Sunday. The registration was ridic. The line went clear around the square, a whole city block. And by the looks of things outside lulu Lemon, business was good throughout the district.

We walked through the Financial District and admired the beautiful architecture then took a self-guided walking tour related to LDS history in SF. It took us throughout Chinatown and parts of the financial district. Can I please recommend walking tours?

It's a wonderful little treasure hunt where you have to chase down historical landmarks and monuments then read or listen all about the history behind them. It was also great way to learn about hidden/unmarked museums (in the basement of a bank building, for example). I also didn't know that SF was once a few thousand acres smaller, before the ocean was filled with landfill to create some flat land along the coast line (including most the financial district and Embarcadero). Actually seems like a good idea to me, using landfill to create more usable space- and imagine the fertile soil that all the waste would create! Can you imagine people throwing trash into the bay now-days? And in California?

We had a happy hour snack at E&O Asian Kitchen (best thing I ever ate, Indonesian Corn Fritters)...delish! Then got some much needed R&R before walking through Japantown and lower Pac-Heights.  We had dinner at Woodhouse Fish Grill (wonderful) were we had crab cakes, lobster rolls and clam chowder (finally) and then went back to Japantown for the best crepe I've ever had at Sophie's Crepes. Really. The best. We also walked through the shop and admired all the pretty stationary (probably the prettiest ever, certainly that we've seen on this trip).

After making the excursion back to our hotel, we slept for the last time on our precious babymoon.

I had a full day planned on Sunday prior to take-off but the DH was concerned that we might somehow, someway miss our flight...instead we opted for a late check-out a return to Brenda's French Diner for the best brunch of our lives and a leisurly ride to the airport

We hoped you enjoyed our baby moon with us. We'll be bringing our baby girl back to the city some day, but I think it will be a few years before she can keep up with Doug the Determined Tourist.

If you come back, try some of the food we've mentioned! Definitely use yelp over urbanspoon for this city. San Franciscans love yelp.

We can't wait to get home and see our pup!

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