Friday, February 12, 2010

How about Chairs?

Thinking of chairs is what got me all worked up about my last purchase. What is my ideal?

This Gustavian beauty, duh.
But unfortunately my plasma isn't worth $1200 a pint so I can't actually afford this luxury.

This is a nice little mid-ranged option that comes with slip-covers, which I think is fabulous. BUUT, when mid-range is still around $450 each... I find myself hunting for options around the bottom (waay bottom) end.

What about this one? It's cheap, $65 each and even though I have a disdain for microfiber... it could be nice when we someday decide to grow little sassy munchkins.

And I can always slip them, right?

The hunt continues.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dining Table Dilemma

I just bought a table- and buyers remorse started before I swiped my card. So I'm posting this so my super sassy super stylish super lovely friend Stacey can give me her UNBIASED opinion.

I just don't know if what I got it what I like. I mean, I like the table- I think it's great, but I don't know if it's a step towards my end goal.

You decide.

This looks like a glass table- I don't love the table- but I love the feel- I absolutely love it.

This one feels so comfortable- I think it's the wicker, and I don't particularly love any one piece of this room- but it works well together.

I like the industrial mix in this one. It works very well together.
I love this plank table and the mixed chairs. This is wonderful, and actually is the same room as above before a redesign.

So delicate- so fancy.
Love the see through, slip covers- love them.
Love the tables- love the slip covers, all so pretty.

Although this looks very formal, the slip covers lighten things up a bit.
Don't love all the plants- but, the chairs and table are fantastic.

The above picture is my favorite- I absolutely love the table. ABSOLUTELY love it- it's organic.

Again, a favorite- Floors, table- chairs, lighting- so fabulous.

The last of my favorites. Do you love these lights? Wonderful.

Ok- and this is what I actually got:

Here's the whole thing. I'm not getting the chairs though.

These are the pictures that I took at the actual store:

Is it too warm? Is it too traditional? Do we less than love the legs? I think that I can put slip covered chairs with it and it could be perfect... ideas?

I love it- but I'm on the fence.

What say ye?

Update: After a sleepless night, and tears actual TEARS of confusion, husband felt pity on me and called and asked for a refund on my table. I was so stressed about finding the right chairs and lighting that would work for my end goal. Ah. I didn't sleep a wink- and if you know anything about husband, you know that he would have absolutely have no pity on me if I got it all set up and hated it. Basically, I need to love it or live with it.

The hunt continues. Thanks for all your wonderful opinions, we are all headed in the right direction slips, lights, straight legs.

Thanks to all, you'll know more soon.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Autism and Vaccines

For those of you who haven't heard:

You can all vaccinate your kids again.