Monday, September 29, 2008

Ouch, my back!

I totally hurt my back a few weeks ago... right in the middle- on my spine. It felt like I bruised myself some how... sore to the touch, ya know? I thought it would go away but really it just got worse- it started hurting when I sat up straight and when I rolled down or up, rolled over in bed... a shot of pain up and down my spine... Finally I broke down (sound the tumpets):

I went to this Godsend of a Chiropractor who cracked me into shape. It was actually really nice. When I went in there he looked me over, palpated me, if you will; and determined my problem areas. Then I got on a roller table, it looks like a massage table put it rolls your hips and back up, it's a little awkward but it feels good. Then he put electrodes on my middle back along with some heat on top of that for about 25 minutes. After that he sent a massage therapist in there to loosen things up, and whoa that hurt- after that Dr. Nelson came in and adjusted me. It was fast and relatively painless (although I am a little sore now). Apparently the problem is in the fulcrum of my back (vertebraes 6,7 and crowding my rib space and 8 is protruding... I don't know the medical terms for that.)where I bend over at my desk, it seems hard to fix but I did buy this cool little toy. It's actually a back ball for sit ups- but it doubles perfectly for lumbar support.

I have to go back on Wednesday for a followup- but so far so good. Aside from feeling like I just competed in a weightlifting competition, I feel great!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

School's been out forever...

So- if I would have just finished when I started almost three years ago I would have it made in the shade right now... Instead I'm filling out grad school apps and trying to reconnect with all the valuable people I've snubbed since my days of academia. So here goes to round 125,341 for my grad school approach.

I am really only applying to the University of Utah, should I be accepted it will be another 3 years in Utah. I'm OK with that, truth be told I think that sentence has been set already with Doug's law firm venture. There is so much bureaucratic crap involved with academics it makes me sick. I don't know how many different departments I've had to talk to and go see just to get through basic processes that in reality could all be automated. In the words of my very smart husband, efficiency is a foreign word in government.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Grind Grind Grind your wheat....

Marriage gets you to thinking about things that adults do. Like food storage, efficiency, and eating healthy. For me (for now), this involves a Wheat Grinder. I found this one, and it seems to be exactly what I need. Did you know, you can grind white beans into flower and use that for 1/4 of your flour? How great is that? Not only do you get better carbs, but also protein- how can one go wrong? I have also subed 1/2 of my flour for wheat. I wonder if you put 1/4 part beans, 1/4 wheat flour, and 1/2 part white flour.... would a donut still be delicious?

The other thing I've been thinking about it vegetables... I bought this book at Costco- and she talks about adding cauliflower to mashed potatoes and carrots to brownies... and it's still yummy!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lovely Locks

I am getting my hair cut today... soon actually, in a couple hours. I have been trying to decide what look I want to adopt- My lovely stylist, Abbey, is on maternity leave so I'm hesitant to put too much trust in someone news hands- here are my thoughts:

There is this, classic bob donned by J. Aniston.

Here we have something a little more edgy from DVB, more blond, more risky, harder to recover from...

But maybe, if I cut my hair like that I'll look like THIS! I am thinking I might start with the first and then cut by cut move into the edgier style. What do you think?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Today... I just want to cry.

I just want to shoot myself in the foot. One of my dear friends helped me with the flowers for my wedding. I owed her some money for the flowers and work she did, so I included it in the thank you notes I sent out for the wedding. Seems smart, right?


I was so impatient to get the notes done I didn't put a return address on any of them because I figured that it would end up taking a ton more time (whoa, 15 minutes... big deal). Additionally, I sent cash- Why? Why, would an educated person put cash in an envelope? I can't come up with a reason that sounds good now- but I had cash from wedding gifts, and my checks are still packed away somewhere from the move. SO I sent cash, in a card, with no return address... and she never got it!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Marriage is all about being 30% larger than your wife but only getting 40% of the bed because she is a kicker.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Keeping it Real... Wedding Website

So many of our friends and family took the time to post on our wedding website... thank you- here they all are...

Tom & Colleen Tennant ~ September 8th, 2008
Congratulations! Good luck to you both. Let us know if you ever get back to Texas.

Brooklyn ~ August 25th, 2008

Julie Lee ~ July 22nd, 2008
You've got to publish a book! I laughed until it hurt! You two will never have a dull moment!

Dan and Carol Garza ~ July 19th, 2008
Have a long and happy marriage. (Lind) We love you. (Doug) Take care of our beauty.

Aunt Paula ~ July 14th, 2008
There is no doubt in my mind that the Big Man upstairs had this union planned. I am so happy for both of you. Love you big as the sky,Aunt Paula

Elizabeth Perez ~ July 7th, 2008
Awww such a romantic engagement story.
Jolyn ~ July 2nd, 2008
After pondering something profound to say to you guys, I decided, what do I know? We are so happy for you. Now, be at peace.

Catherine Murawski (Deist) ~ July 1st, 2008
YAY, Linds! So happy for you!

Samuel Wilkinson ~ June 26th, 2008
(Lou) Sorry I am not going to be able to make it sis, but you know I love you. (Doug) take care of my sis. I love 'er. (Both) Tanti Auguri. Abbiate una buon'esperienza e divertitevi! Vi Amo

Sergio Saenz Sr. ~ June 25th, 2008
Im so happy for ya neighbor! Congratulations from Jamaila, Jr. and I!

Lauren Wheat ~ June 25th, 2008
Finally! Just kidding- but not really. Love you both!

travis ault ~ June 25th, 2008
well well well, im happy for you guys!!

Elizabeth ~ June 25th, 2008
YEAH YA'LL! Very excited.

Ashley N. Maupin ~ June 24th, 2008
Congrats Lu! I love you and miss you.

Joel Guajardo ~ June 24th, 2008
Congrats! I'm very happy for you. Can't wait to meet Doug.

Kristen Gardiner ~ June 23rd, 2008
Congratulations! Married life is the best! :)

Michelle Mayberry ~ June 23rd, 2008
CONGRATULATIONS! I'm soo happy for you and can't wait to see pictures!

Maxine Ramirez ~ June 22nd, 2008
I'm so excited and can't wait!!! Yay!!!!

We did it!

It seems as though it's a done deal now. I have officially changed my name to Lindsey Rebekah Shumway. Changing one's name is a pretty serious act of commitment (one that men are generally able to avoid), you can't really ever go back after that. No matter what annulment or divorce happens from this point forward... the name Lindsey Rebekah Shumway will always come up as a known alias on my criminal background check. Oh well... he's worth it;)

Wedding photos to come;)