Monday, September 29, 2008

Ouch, my back!

I totally hurt my back a few weeks ago... right in the middle- on my spine. It felt like I bruised myself some how... sore to the touch, ya know? I thought it would go away but really it just got worse- it started hurting when I sat up straight and when I rolled down or up, rolled over in bed... a shot of pain up and down my spine... Finally I broke down (sound the tumpets):

I went to this Godsend of a Chiropractor who cracked me into shape. It was actually really nice. When I went in there he looked me over, palpated me, if you will; and determined my problem areas. Then I got on a roller table, it looks like a massage table put it rolls your hips and back up, it's a little awkward but it feels good. Then he put electrodes on my middle back along with some heat on top of that for about 25 minutes. After that he sent a massage therapist in there to loosen things up, and whoa that hurt- after that Dr. Nelson came in and adjusted me. It was fast and relatively painless (although I am a little sore now). Apparently the problem is in the fulcrum of my back (vertebraes 6,7 and crowding my rib space and 8 is protruding... I don't know the medical terms for that.)where I bend over at my desk, it seems hard to fix but I did buy this cool little toy. It's actually a back ball for sit ups- but it doubles perfectly for lumbar support.

I have to go back on Wednesday for a followup- but so far so good. Aside from feeling like I just competed in a weightlifting competition, I feel great!

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  1. We'll know what we'll name her when she's born.

    Isla (pronounced Eye-lah) Elizabeh
    Addyson Reese