Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Memory:

I wrote this blog a few summers ago- and reading it today I remember what I felt as I saw this girls' life pass away in my review mirror.

Discovering Houston (lost just doesn't seem right), I saw a girl while I driving. I spotted her from far away.

First I saw her face. She looked away, trying desperately to avoid making eye contact with the boy that stood in front of her waving his arms and screaming fiercely.

She crouched low and curled as she pushed her feet fervently against the ground and her body into the chain link fence that cradled her.

She wanted to break through.

Tight lips. She tried to be brave and fight back the tears losing every now and then, he wasn't softened by her sadness.

I passed.

In my mirror he thumped her chest, she tried not to notice... I couldn't see her anymore, and I was crying.

Hoping it wasn't, but somehow knowing...this was routine.


  1. Firstly, Congratulations on getting married!!! We are so very happy for you.
    You look so pretty in your pictures!
    Marriage is wonderful! Ryan and I made two years already. Time goes by so fast, and even faster now that Keedan has joined us. Enjoy your time together.
    Secondly, your blog entry almost made me cry. It's a sad reality that women are treated cruelly everyday. This just makes me think about how very grateful I am to be married to such a loving husband and to belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

  2. If only we could pick up and cradle every woman or child who has ever been treated like this, or worse (and it always gets worse).