Monday, October 6, 2008

Winter Shoes

So... it's that time of year! The time when we all start thinking of what we will put on our feet this winter season. How important is this past-time... very important.

Without it you could possibly spend another season with frozen tootsies.
Each of these fill a certain hole in my closet. I've taken this particular matter very seriously and ordered one of each of these boots so I can try them on with my wardrobe and decide what will make the perfect addition this season. Ordering from Zappos makes this really easy because they have free two-way shipping. Every girls dream!

Opinions, anyone?


  1. I recommend anything by Bastien. They're less expensive (under $100) and waterproof and VERY winter-warm. I've had to limit my leather boots to Autumn-only since the salt and snow really screw them up. =( So again, I'd say, go with something synthetic, and made in Canada.

  2. I agree with avoirdupois about the bastien boots, I have two pairs and love them. Of the ones pictured, I vote for the first pair, by a mile!

  3. Nice post..! I got my winter boots right after a day I placed the order and of course I paid nothing for the shipping. Obviously, they are really catching my heart even that was my first order in Zappos.