Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Black Friday MAD*ness

So- Black Friday. The day of deals, right?


Well, maybe.

Anthropologie had a 50% off sale. This happens... never.

Well I went crazy and ordered all the beautiful things that I've coveted all year.

Drool worthy, right?

I ordered 23 items (of course planning to return the majority of them). My order was confirmed, I have an email to prove it.

And then.
Cancellation alert?

Are you kidding me?

They cancelled x20 of my items and refunded my credit card.

This is why people fight the good fight at 6am for the Black Friday deals. Because it's not likely that you'll leave a store and then find your shopping cart is actually empty.

You'll be disgusted to know the same thing happened with Gap - only they cancelled every item that I ordered so I'm not ever getting a pathetic box from them.

So be warned: you must go to the brick and mortar or the items are cyber ripped from your hands.