Thursday, June 25, 2009

Photo Shoot

My niece Maegan is staying with me this week and we had a little photo shoot.

I love you Dermalogica

I started using dermalogica last year right before my wedding. I was blessed with a horrible skin rash right before my wedding. A couple weeks ago when I went to TX I left my dermalogica at home because I only took a carry on and I didn't want to rish it being taken...
This was the result- 4 days away from my beloved skin products: A horrible rash

it's better now! With my skin care arsenal I took care of it in no time.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

When I grow up...

We all know I want to be a SLP... but can you really only be one thing? Because I also want to be a hair stylist, and an RN, and a librarian... and most recently a

No, not a boat. A TRAVEL AGENT! YES!!!!

Doug found this website where you pay $75 and you gain a world class travel certification (turns out that is a big scam) and it has motivated me to find a way to become a legit travel agent. Apparently those peeps are more qualified than I thought, you have to have all sorts of experience to become a travel agent.
But I did find a way to become a contracted travel agent, and my goal is to get a job with Delta when they start hiring again in August. It would be the part time job of a lifetime!

What about my current job, you ask. I'm not getting out of that for a while... but life goals aren't supposed to come easy, right?


Apparently, being a travel agent isn't what I've hoped for all these days. You really only make money on guided tours...and I'm not so interested in those. In fact, I am DISinterested in those. I don't vacay so someone can tell me what to do!

Oh well, there's still nursing school!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So I think I mentioned this already, but we went to Blanding for Memorial day and spent some time with Doug Family. Here are some pictures from the trip.

This is a picture of Doug's parents' house. It's a little dark, but it's a cabin in a canyon. Like what you'd see in a movie.

This is Wicket's friend KC. It's Doug's brother Kerry's family dog. He is also a pup, but a humongous pup. He was great with Wicket- so gentle... but really playful so it was great.

This is Wicket- of course Doug went crazy taking pictures of Wick and otherwise (like usual) but this one is pretty cute.Doug's brother Kerry recently completed this house down in Blanding. It's awesome- really, it turned out really well. Every single window in the house has an amazing view.

This is a creek a little walk from their house. Wicket wanted to walk down by it- but Doug (the protective father) was afraid he would fall in. So we looked from afar.
It was a great trip.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Attention Latter day Ladies:

bermuda shorts, all colors, on sale for $15.00 at Gap. today only.

Monday, June 1, 2009

It's here!

It looks like it's safe to expect a little more than we got from the first one.