Monday, June 1, 2009

It's here!

It looks like it's safe to expect a little more than we got from the first one.


  1. I've watched it at least twelve times since just today. I'm so pumped. I still think you need to come watch it with us... seriously....
    Also, I think we could film my foot and it would be better than the first one. And yet, I still bought it. I have problems.

  2. I could really be happier with "New Moon" if they would just follow the story line... any little bit... at all. Looks like they will. Do you like Bella's monotone "Ow, a papercut." Really Bella? REALLY?

  3. How about when she's asks for a kiss... crack'd out Kristin.

    Oh well, like I said. It can only get better from number one!!