Saturday, September 20, 2008

Grind Grind Grind your wheat....

Marriage gets you to thinking about things that adults do. Like food storage, efficiency, and eating healthy. For me (for now), this involves a Wheat Grinder. I found this one, and it seems to be exactly what I need. Did you know, you can grind white beans into flower and use that for 1/4 of your flour? How great is that? Not only do you get better carbs, but also protein- how can one go wrong? I have also subed 1/2 of my flour for wheat. I wonder if you put 1/4 part beans, 1/4 wheat flour, and 1/2 part white flour.... would a donut still be delicious?

The other thing I've been thinking about it vegetables... I bought this book at Costco- and she talks about adding cauliflower to mashed potatoes and carrots to brownies... and it's still yummy!

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  1. I really like my wheat grinder. It does sound like a small jet engine as it grinds... but I hear that is normal. Without a doubt it is not as pretty as this one. It is simply white. But I have made some pretty tasty things with wheat.