Wednesday, September 24, 2008

School's been out forever...

So- if I would have just finished when I started almost three years ago I would have it made in the shade right now... Instead I'm filling out grad school apps and trying to reconnect with all the valuable people I've snubbed since my days of academia. So here goes to round 125,341 for my grad school approach.

I am really only applying to the University of Utah, should I be accepted it will be another 3 years in Utah. I'm OK with that, truth be told I think that sentence has been set already with Doug's law firm venture. There is so much bureaucratic crap involved with academics it makes me sick. I don't know how many different departments I've had to talk to and go see just to get through basic processes that in reality could all be automated. In the words of my very smart husband, efficiency is a foreign word in government.

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