Friday, February 12, 2010

How about Chairs?

Thinking of chairs is what got me all worked up about my last purchase. What is my ideal?

This Gustavian beauty, duh.
But unfortunately my plasma isn't worth $1200 a pint so I can't actually afford this luxury.

This is a nice little mid-ranged option that comes with slip-covers, which I think is fabulous. BUUT, when mid-range is still around $450 each... I find myself hunting for options around the bottom (waay bottom) end.

What about this one? It's cheap, $65 each and even though I have a disdain for microfiber... it could be nice when we someday decide to grow little sassy munchkins.

And I can always slip them, right?

The hunt continues.


  1. I always vote for the less expensive option . . because I get bored and need to change things. If it was too expensive I would feel like I had to stay with it FOREVER. I would only go with the more pricey stuff if I LOVED it with ALL my being and could never envision a day when it would bore me, even with slip covers.

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