Thursday, October 11, 2012

Documenting the Baby Moon- Day 1-2

So, Hi there.

Doug and I are in SF we got here last night and had the most lovely dinner. I had planned to go to Tommy's Joynt for dinner but when we got there we found that it wasn't a sit down and order place, it was the type of place that you order, get your food and then sit. I think we will still go there but it wasn't right for last night. Instead we went to Brenda's French Soul Food (FABULOUS). We had some crawfish beignets to start- they were wonderful! Dinner was even better!

Then we walked a few blocks and bought a 3 day all access pass for the local bus system. It was pretty late after that so we came back to the hotel.

Today I had planned to explore the Golden Gate Park and the Lands End trail. Apparently there is a place around there called the Underdog Taco Shop that has wonderful fish tacos- I really wanted to try it out.
Once we got our bikes frugal dougal decided he didn't want to rent bikes on two different days so we biked the park (in a hurry) and once we got to the coast we road for like...ever... through lands end, Sutro bath ruins, Presidio (the whole freaking thing), until we got to the Golden Gate Bridge.

The park is spectacular. There is so much to see there (we really only saw it since we were moving pretty fast). Once on the coast, the view is amazing and it only improves as you move closer to lands end. The bike shop owner told us not to ride lands end trail because it is so difficult...buuut we did. on cruiser bikes. We had all the confidence in the world that we were riding in the right direction...but we weren't...ever, really. We rode by Cliffside, through a golf course, through some really lovely neighborhoods with large beautiful homes on the bay. We thought we were on the right track when we went through Presidio Park...but then it sent us way the wrong way. Of course this is all up-hill, almost every second since the park. We eventually found our location to be in Pac Heights and immediately turned around and went back through Presidio (passed the Walt Disney Museum) and saw beautiful views of the bay and bridge until we got to the bridge.

Once into Saulsalito, the ride was downhill and reminiscent of the beautiful Sorrento.

  definitely recommend biking the park, and biking the bridge...maybe not at the same time. I might do it again in the same day, but I think you need to bike the park at least a 1/2 day then eat lunch before going into Saulsalito. Only then you'll miss out of the Light House Diner in Saulsalito... which was spectacular. We shared some wonderful Danish meatballs with beets and cucumber. Anyway, you can return your bikes pretty late so no need to rush (or die)

We rode the fairy back over then walked around the Wharf and over to Ghiradelli Square (skip it) where they gave us samples of a Pumpkin Spice chocolate (buy it). We then got the true city feel by writing the F during rush hour back to the hotel.

And here I sit.

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