Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brass love fest

Well this is the picture that started it all. Don't you just love it? The beautiful blacksplash, the pale gray cabinets, the magnificent range...AND THE BRASS!
 The obsession only continued from there. La Cornue et al.
 Couldn't you just sleep in that oven? You might have to, because after you buy it you wouldn't be able to afford a house to put it in! The marble hearth around it is the perfect backdrop.
 Once I saw these greige cabinets with brass hardware, I knew it was meant to be. Isn't this picture lovely? Notice the chrome faucet, it works though doesn't it?
 The brass in this picture works well with the marble and dark brown cabinets to bring a sophisticated masculine feel to this space, probably a butlers pantry.
 I found this beautiful fixture and knew it wouldn't work in my space, but it peaked my interest. It didn't take me long to find the Barber Wilsons faucet below.
 This faucet is a dream come true! The bridge, gooseneck and handles and the ideal finish were exactly what I wanted!

But, the sweet husband ....well, the price wasn't exactly what he wanted. This Barber Wilson's faucet is just over $700 and while that isn't nearly as expensive as it's Waterworks counterpart, if you buy it with a side spray the price almost doubles!
Solution: Signature hardware Ponticello faucet in brass is polished but I don't think it's lacquered. Mine has already tarnished and it is starting to get it's own little patina. I couldn't be happier with this choice, and at $180 with the side spray, the sweet husband couldn't either.

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