Tuesday, January 27, 2009

He's a fighter...

In an unexpected turn of events, Brown Wicket has taken the lead! With only one day left until the boys see their fifth week, and we meet our deadline for picking, Brown Wicket has turned the hearts of blog readers everywhere (OK- not really everywhere, Seven voters? Seriously people...) as he made an amazing come back and now leads the poles by one voter!
With only 15 short hours left until the decision must be made, which of the two puppies has the face of Wicket Shumway? Only you can choose...Vote Now!

*Deadline emphasize only for dramatic effect, we probably have until Friday when we get our next set of pictures.


  1. Fer cute! I'm not much of a dog lover, so I will say that both of them will probably drive you equally insane... let's hope they are potty trained. :-)

  2. Not so lucky... put he sure is cute.