Saturday, September 12, 2009

Very Hard Choices

I'm trying to car change. I want a lower payment (I'd like half of what I'm paying now) and better mpgz [What I would really like is for Doug to sell his car] but can't seem to do that so I'm going to get rid of mine and get something new here are the choices:

I would be super happy to have a Jetta TDI (the diesel one) but those VW people suck. They don't return phone calls, they won't budge off of msrp- those guys are real snobs.

This car gets about 40mpgs.

The Mini Clubman is about the same price as the Jetta but it doesn't have blue tooth; gets about 41 mpgs. Financing rates are awesome for these right now- 1.9%
This is a Hyundai Sonata- these have a 3000 rebate putting it right about the price of the other two- the best financing available through the dealership is 4.9% and it has way more technology for the money....nav, sun roof garage opener, way cushiony seats.. but I sure don't like the look of it as well as the other two.

Update: The Sonata is out. They have horrible resale value. That was easy.


  1. Go for the Mini. I've always wanted one. I can live through you.... just do it!

  2. The Mini Clubman is a nice looking car :-)

    We have two smart cars -- can't get any better mileage then a smart gets!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies