Monday, January 24, 2011


I've been lucky enough to spend a more than typical amount of time with my family in the last month. Husband and I went to Tejas around new years for my sweet sister Elizabeth's wedding. It was cozy and lovely and just perfect.

While we were there we went to one of my dad's clients' ranches and saw a BEAUTIFUL dog kennel....what? Who says beautiful and dog kennel in the same sentence?

me. that's who.

This place had leather arm chairs in the waiting area, air conditioned kennels with benches, all rubber flooring, multiple washing machines for dog bowls- Goodness me! Amazing.

We shot guns, ate faijitas, tamales, taquitos... all the best South Texas has to offer.

We got home, seamless trip.

The following Thursday I got a phone call from my sister Tiffany, at 9:00 pm and she told me that my Aunt passed away just a few hours before.

My dear sweet aunt.

I still can't describe the emptiness inside. This woman who gave everything she had to her family. Together, "my aunts" demonstrated how to be a sister-cousin-friend...and without 1/2 of them my support system was falling apart.

Selfish, I know... our first thoughts are always selfish.

This isn't really about her's about life.

OUR life. and PEOPLE. The closeness I shared with her, with my family while grieving, while celebrating my sister's wedding...

On my way home... by the time I got home, all that I had energy enough to feel was gratitude. Gratitude for my sisters, my cousins...our family. We all came together and created a beautiful memorial service for our sweet angel and I realized that together our hearts are bright enough to keep the family alive.

People: all that matters. Lets get back to the people.


  1. Love you Linds! You are so articulate and always have such beautiful things to say!