Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's ours!

it's ALMOST ours.
The inspector is coming tomorrow to look over things. We already know that there are some pretty stout electrical/plumbing concerns-

Carpet in the Kitchen?
You know it.

Only the best for this beauty.

In the photo below you can catch a glimpse of the wretched wall texture. yikes.
Last but not least...the floral wallpaper and green shag carpet.
Fortunately, I am gainfully unemployed, allowing infinite time to research solutions to these problems.


  1. You are awesome. Congrats and good luck!!!

  2. I love the potential here! Mucho fun.

  3. i love it. if only i could have green shag like that. it would be spectacular. seriously though, such a cute house. I'm excited to see what you do with it.

  4. Brit- I'll keep the carpet for you; there;s red too...it could be a nice accent in your French kitchen.
    I'm here to support you.

    Doug told your mom, "There's pink carpet, it's peptobismal pink, you'd probably like it."
    Mom: "Well I'd sure like to have a look at it"

    Ha, love her.

  5. wow - lucky you! what a great house, it just needs some touching up - paint, floor stain. it will be so much fun to make it come alive agian. the exterior is beautiful.

    as for my kitchen cabinets - they are a different color gray than my walls. my walls are more a brown gray, the cabs are more a blue gray = long story. it was a custom mixed color. wish they were the same color!

    congrats on your house - live them in health and much happiness!

  6. Have you heard the stories about what our house in Greybull looked like when we moved into it? I'm sure Doug and Britt have seen the pics. I think your new house is where the decorator from the Greybull house hit next.