Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I have to admit-

I haven't investigated my new representatives since I've moved to Provo. I've still be calling up Matheson to voice my concerns (complaints really)when in reality he isn't my boy anymore. As the caucus meetings are approaching, I've been motivated to look up exactly who is responsible for me. Here we are; as a member of PR30 and legislative district 62:

Utah State Representative Chis Herrod
Utah State Senator Chris Bramble

Congressman Jason Chaffitz represents the 3rd congressional district of Utah

Senators Hatch and Bennett are still representing us (for now).

The PR30 republican caucus meeting is tonight at 7:00 at Timp View High School; you must be registered with the party to vote.

I'm not really a republican, but it's silly not to be registered as one in Utah County- they're really the only ones who have a say so about politics at this point. So come to mine, go to yours- just go.

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