Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My idol "Things that Inspired" commented on my blog.

I'm so embarrassed! My blog has definitely fallen to the way side since grad school took over my life, but don't think for a second I've stopped planning my dream home. Holly, recently, commented on my table post and I feel like an old wardrobe that opens and butterflies come out!

Holly, formally known as "Things that Inspire" is responsible for my growing love of design. She posts simple posts and speaks through pictures to really help the common person understand complex design elements. I love her.

I took the picture below from Brook Giannetti's blog. It is a picture of the design elite: Things that Inspire, Suzanne Kasler, Brook and her husband and amazing architect Steve.

I haven't told you this, but Things that Inspire and Steve Giannetti are my top picks to design our home when we move to Texas. I know, you're thinking Holly's in Georgia and Steve is in California- how in the world does that make sense?

In short, it doesn't really. Except that Steve is a genius and Holly is amazing and I haven't seen the two of them work on a project together before and I'd love it to be mine!

Anyway, thats about five-ten years down the road. And in case I forget, we have a nice cold front blowing in as I type to remind me.

In table updates, I've purchased a table from a garage sell and my mother and I spent the last six days refinishing it and the chairs. We stripped off the black paint and found some nice (not perfect, but nice) wood underneath and I'm currently trying various aging techniques with it.

I did look into having one built but the carpenter I consulted with bid out 5K for the table, and chairs would definitely more than double that estimate. I chose this route because I'm just starting to find my style and I'd like to become a little more committed to it before I "invest" in it too seriously.

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