Saturday, April 3, 2010


So, it's technically spring in these parts. However, you can tell my the jackets in these pictures it's not Spring at all...practically speaking.

So here is the first issue we tried to tackle:


Very dead grass. The previous family that lived in this house didn't exactly have an eye for detail (to put it VERY nicely). After lots of research and talking to the lady that knows lots about grass (and smokes some too, I think), we learned that we do indeed need to fertilize, but not before cutting the grass very very short. Short? It's already short- we must go shorter.

In Draper, our HOA took care of all the lawn care so we didn't have any lawn tools. Being the thifty type, I scoured 13 count 'em THIRTEEN garage sells looking for yard tools and a lawn mower, I only found two items. Neither a lawn mower so the husband and I went to Sears and bought one.

After our recent trip to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy mirrors (the lovely family before us took all the mirrors with them when they up and left this joint), we learned that Doug's back seat doesn't lay down. That makes my car (the MINI Cooper) our vehicle with the highest hauling capacity, score.

So after we picked out our lawn mower (this wasn't too hard because they only had one option for us to choose from) loaded it up, just like this:


And made our way back to the palace, we commenced to do our yard work. Three hours later:

and no grass shorter. Doug moved on to a new project, the garden. Our lawn mower never worked. Never. It would start but it wouldn't stay started. You will notice the gas can in this picture. That is a fruit of my garage sale going. Aaand, it leaks. Awesome.

The other garage sell find was this little beauty. ( I still can't believe I went to THIRTEEN garage sales and two DI's and only found two items)

a rake.

This came in handy when the lawn mower wouldn't work and Doug had to start tilling the garden. (Gma and Gpa, this is our garden, or it will be soon.)

Don't feel sorry that he's tilling this with only a garden rake, he refuses to spend money on other yard tools- he's waiting to find them at sales.

Wicket enjoyed himself very much- he was a big helper while Doug was tilling, Wicket just dug right along beside him.


  1. Wow sounds like you guys have had quite the adventure with this yard! I am looking forward to the day when I can have a bigger house with a big yard, but am not looking forward to the maintenance!

  2. Oh I with you! The maintenance will get you, not only is it hard work but it is expensive too! When you have babies is nice to spend your time with them instead:)

  3. we had to put in our yard last year, and this year we have to nurse it and try to make it pretty. It sucks. End of story. Good luck with it all.

  4. Oh heavens Lindsey, tell Doug to call Carl so that proper yard care may commence.