Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our home in Provo

My grandparents keep asking me to mail them pictures of our new house...


Needless to say they haven't seen it yet. So I'm going to post this for them and maybe someone at the library can help them look it up (love you guys!!!)

Alright, this is what you see when you first walk in the front door. To the right there is a flat wall and to the left there is an office. And straight ahead is the great room.

I found those awesome door handles on ebay for $10.00! This door and frame wasn't finished when we moved in, Doug sanded and painted it to match the rest of the trim.

This picture is from the great room looking back to the main entry way. From this view the office is on the right by the front door, there are several bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs and our bedroom is to the left.

This is from the great room looking towards the kitchen. You can see my dining table project there in the breakfast area. This house doesn't have a formal dining room. This kitchen-dining-living combo is very popular here in Utah.

Just another view of the kitchen a little closer up. I still need to get barstools- they're on my list of bargains to find.

This is the same picture as in the post below, but it just shows a view from the kitchen looking towards the living area.

Sorry G's I'm not going to take pictures of my bedroom it's a mess- but maybe later.


  1. I love it. Maybe I'll come move in with you guys. No? Oh, ok :)

  2. uh, maybe Zoe?

    She's my favorite.

  3. So darling! Love it and GREAT JOB with the table! I should have hired you to do my coffee table. Still can't believe you're living in Provo. When we were little girls in CS I can pretty much guarantee that I NEVER thought we would live in Utah. P.S. Texas is waiting for you...and misses you does Danielle, and me too!