Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Graduation Vacation

My first choice was South East Asia. Malaysia, Cambodia...maybe even a little adventure into Vietnam.

All the history, the recent history! The beautiful landscapes.


No. I can only miss a couple days of work, we'd only be there for like a day.


Egypt. I'll settle for Egypt. I've never been, it's so rich in culture and history. We can take a bus south and catch a short safari in Tanzania (below)


Do you want to die? Egyptians are crazy, and desperate. You'll die for sure.


What I really need is a travel bug. I need to choose a place that will plant a travel seed to grow like an OAK. If Italy can't do it... I'm doomed.

I pushed Italy... I REALLY pushed Italy.


10 day's are you crazy? I can't miss five days of work, you're insane.

FINE. Costa Rica. I'll settle for Costa Rica. It's closer, shorter flight. We can venture into Panama.

I settled for Seattle.

Yes, Seattle.

What can I say? I'm a push over.

What to do in Seattle?

And, now I'm starting to get excited. Seattle...Memorial Day- wanna come?


  1. Do you have to take Doug with you? I would go with you on any of those trips - for 10 days or longer - and I am graduating too....

    And if you have time, try to take the ferry out to the San Juan Islands - Friday Harbor, Orca Island, and all that.

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