Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yoga for Beginners... Me Gusto Mucho!

I taught a fun beginner class on Saturday after my HOT class.

I loved it!

It's been so long since I've taught a class in the Anusara format! It was such a treat. I focused on shoulder loop including head of the arm bone back and melting the heard while broadening.

I took a little Valentine's day approach and talked about creating space in our heart to love ourselves. Some of the postures were a little difficult to keep both arm bones back (triangle, half-moon (at the wall, duh.)). I talked about how sometimes we can be so intent on something (opening) that we close off to other things.

For example, if we pull our arm bones back REALLY far, our chest is open but our back body is closed. So we have to pull the arm bones back, melt the heart and BROADEN in order to create optimal space for our heart to feel.

They did so wonderful, and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching to such great students. I love them all~ and they were so open and beautiful after our practice.

be well~

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