Thursday, March 26, 2009

Atlas just Shrugged... a little

Yesterday the house (notice the lack of capitalization, those idiots) passed the National Manditory Service Act this bill includes disturbing language indicating young people will be forced to undertake mandatory national service programs as fears about President Barack Obama'€™s promised a civilian national security force intensify.

Are these people crazy?

Ok, in all fairness, HB1388 does not mandate that youth volunteer per se. What is does is spend a whole lot more of our money on encouraging and incentivising them to and it leads us one step closer the a little place I call the farm... ANIMAL FARM.

Sadly, Utah's own Senator Hatch c0-sponsored the bill. Who do these people think they are? Anyway the senate is voting tonight on 277... call 'em up ya'll. And let's say in unision "Hatch, you suck!"

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