Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My sweet little baby...


So today I was talking to my sister and I told her a funny story about Wicket and she laughed and said "That's just like babies, they do that." I cannot tell you how many times people tell me that- and I won't even try, just know that it is all the time.

Here's the story... Every time Wicket and I go anywhere together- in the car, he poops. If I am holding him he does his poop cry, generally I will stop in front of some foreclosed home and let him out to do his business (three times now)...but sometimes, I forget that this is the poop cry and I set him on the floor board because he is distracting me while I'm driving. When I do this, he poops on the floor board... every time. Now I realize that your child has probably not pooped on the floor board or on the lawn of a bank owned property, but my sister says babies often poop when they get in the car. Wierd.

Also, after long walks and a full day of play Wicket is very very naughty. He runs around in circles, chases his tail (like a dumb dog, I tell him this while trying to convince him not to), chews on the carpet and other dumb dog behaviors because he doesn't want to be put up. He thinks that if he can show us he's still a fun pup we'll keep him out- in reality he's so tired he can't think straight enough to make wise decisions.... JUST like babies.

Here's another funny story. A couple weeks ago, Doug and I were playing puppy x-games (more on that later) and Wicket got lots and lots of treats which messed up his digestive system. I took him to the bathroom 5 times and tried to get him to poop and he wouldn't. At the time he was on a very strict schedule (breakfast, lunch and dinner...like a BABY) and he had missed two appointments so I knew he had to go, but he wouldn't. That night, Doug took him and he has diarrhea and made a huge mess. I'm convinced that he was embarrassed to make a mess in front of the ladies (ya I know... not much like a baby but still funny).

I tortured him in the snow this morning.

He thinks it's super fun, until the snow stuck to his coat turns to ice and it won't come off. Fortunately, I have taught him to love the hair dryer.

Look at this face... would you trade your child for this?

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