Monday, May 25, 2009

My new friend Zoe

We went to Doug's parents for Memorial Day, and his sister and her family were there too and Wicket and I made a new friend, her daughter Zoe. (that was a definite run-on)
She wasn't too sure about Wick at first, but they fell in love before the weekend was over. She is the funniest thing.
I made the mistake of telling everyone this story about my nephew Conner telling Tiff to "Get a move on!" in front of her- and she was quick to pick up the phrase and use it over and over... and in the perfect contexts.
I have a horrible memory, so I can't remember ALL the hilarious things she said... but, she's funny.


  1. She IS funny! And quite a talker. Britt says you guys will be friends for life.

  2. She really is cute. I'm so glad she finally fell in love with Wicket. She misses him oh so much. And you guys too :) I'm glad you guys took pictures. I didn't get any taken until the dino museum. Oops.