Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New in 2009...

I'm pretty sure this isn't a new development, but it's the first time I've really noticed that...

People don't answer the door these days. I do, I answer the door- and that has given me the experience to understand exactly why people don't answer the door anymore! Although sometimes there is a legitimate nice surprise, most of the time the person ringing the doorbell is trying to sell something, whine about something, or ask for someone I don't know. And I'll admit that the tranny from the hood magazine sales person who trash talked me a couple weeks ago was scary...I still open the door. Why?

BECAUSE, in the last several months I have made multiple batches of cookies and tried to take them to people (in my neighborhood, girls I visit teach or I work with for my calling) and IF they are there they do not answer the door. This is peculiar.

Doug doesn't answer the door, and I just don't get it. Aren't you the least bit curious as to who is at your door?

Perhaps I should call, but this generally is not a planned ordeal- I want to make a batch of cookies- but I'd prefer not to eat the entire batch. This is the exact behavior that caused me to eat a dozen cinnamon rolls a couple months ago.

What do you think? Do you answer your door?


  1. If I know who is coming, yes. I grew up in a house where we didn't answer the door much, so maybe it is just a habit. Usually I am still in my pj's sometimes, or I always seem to be nursing Luke, or I am in the bathroom when someone comes to the door. Matt is also out of town a lot, so I am by myself. I have heard horror stories as well, so if I am home alone I don't answer. So there you go! Those are some of the reasons I don't answer the door.

  2. Come knock on my door, I will definitely eat your cookies, cinnamon rolls, you name it. I always used to answer the door, but the sales pitches were getting out of control. I still answer it for the most part, but I am now more cautious and try everything I can to see who it is first.

  3. Yes, but only if I know the car in my driveway. Or at least know there is a car in the driveway. I don't open my door to teenage boys who are "practicing their public speaking." I would definately open up for cookies and/or cinnamon rolls. I can smell that kind of thing down the street.

  4. I would smell your coookies and cinn rolls from down the street and I WOULD answer the door, to almost anybody, who held these delicacies. I guess I hope that no perverts or psychopaths, or vacuum salesmen read this comment...