Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wickey Wickey Wickey!

Our friend Aria told us the other day that if she had a dog named Wicket she would say "Wickey Wickey Wickey!" In a high pitched voice whenever she wanted to call him... since then, Doug has been saying that non-stop, and oddly people in the office say it now too! Aria is a real trend setter, I guess!

Here's whats been going on for Wicket lately:

He lost his baby teeth and got big boy teeth.

He got to0 big to get out from under the sideboard, but not too big to get under it. So he frequently get's stuck there.

He got neutered, chewed open his incision, had it glued back together and then had to wear these puppy panties.

They are really just his coming home outfit that said, "It's a Boy!" on backwards and upside down. His tail is coming out of the head hole.

Can you believe that his whole little body used to fit in these panties?


  1. Lots of fun posts! Awww cute little puppy who is now an "it". Haha- my dog gets spayed next month. I DO NOT want to deal with a female in heat & especially don't want to have to buy diapers for her! Tinks just lost her first baby tooth- they're growning up...*tear*...just kidding.

    Oh and funny post about answering the door. Yea- I'm terrible...I don't answer my door. Probably because I have 2 doors- and anyone who knows me knows that I NEVER use my front door, so they always go to my back door, which faces the if someone knocks on my backdoor- I do answer it. hopefully the annoying sales people won't catch on to that trick :)

  2. I had NO idea that doggies lost their baby teeth. My Tyson would love your little Wicky. He would love him, and sit on him, and kiss him then hit him then hug him.