Thursday, June 17, 2010

Schools out

for the week. I look forward to a weekend of yoga and beauty. I have (very obviously) been thinking of nature and gardening. I found these plants that are native to Utah- maybe you'll see them pop up here more often...maybe?

This is Price Aster- I think it's a great plant. It had great reviews, and I think it would do really well to fill some of my spots.

This is the Sego Lily, Utah's state flower... it's pretty but I'm not quite sure what the foliage looks like. I couldn't find good pictures.

This is the Desert Purple Sage... I like it. It think this could fill corners or odd spots really nicely.

This is the mountain Hollyhock. I don't like the foliage, and it looks horrible when it dies, but it get's so big and pretty it's hard not to fall in love!

This is Pineapple Sage. I've heard it's great to cook with, and the flowers are beautiful. I also so countless comments about the sweet fragrance, even when not in bloom. I think I'll need a couple of these.
Savory...a vine? Not sure. Herb and hearty- I like that.

Rosa Rugosa, beautiful native rose bush... prettier than cousin ->

Rosa Glauca, native flowering bush in the rose family. Grows...large. Flowers all summer.

This one is called Penstemon Utahensis. The red flowers are cute, but it's not very leafy. I could be happy about this- under the right circumstances.

Witch Hazel! It's a shrub that can grow to look a lot like a tree. I think it would be a good backdrop maybe in the back corner?

Gaura Blaze- this is nice. I think it is also a great filler.

Fens Ruby, also a nice shrub- and relatively small, filler perhaps?

This one is the Purple Beautyberry, and I think it would be a lovely shrub to go in my beds. I've actually seen these a lot.

This one is Joe Pie Weed, and I've heard it's just that...a weed. I could use a few weeds that look like this though- it's so big and pretty.

I'm on a gardening obsession these days. Balance: renting vs. creating paradise = struggle!

Enjoy sweet friends~

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