Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sofa Table....

Since we moved to the new house we have slowly been putting things together. I am currently putting the final finish on the dining table I re-did. I recovered the chairs in linen and am putting linen slip covers on the two end chairs for the table. I also got these barstools:These stools were a steal! I found them on overstock for $50/ea.

Much more wallet friendly than the dream stools I found at restoration hardware for $300/ea.

I have found some great silver pitchers and trophies here and there that I have incorporated around the house- inspired by Giannette et al., I wanted to add a little industrial-ness to the table I finished. Remember this?

Right, so the barstools are just behind this picture, and the sofa table will be just behind the brown couch.

I love the bar stools. they work perfectly. Recently, I was looking for a table to go behind our sofa. I found this:
I absolutely love this console- it everything. Soft wood, industrial's wonderful. Sadly, it's only 20 inches tall- really just for a's really long (72inches), but just not the right size for a sofa table.

It did give me the inspiration to find all of these:

I didn't realize it until after I posted this post, but these are all pretty similar to the Dutch Industrial Console table from Restoration Hardware...except smaller. This table is really big, almost 70 inches wide!

I am so excited about how everything is coming together. The great room concept in a home is pretty intimidating because it's such a large space that has to ebb and flow. It's so much stuff! It also makes things so much more exciting when they start coming together! I still have a ways to go, but I'm really happy with the direction we're headed! Which table to you like?


I put my good husband to work, trying to find the perfect piece. He found a fabulous website called Wisteria...and I don't know why I haven't found it before! This is what he came up with:

This table is actually on clearance, still pricey-
But look at it in this room, doesn't it look great?

This one is a little more towards the industrial side, which is where I was originally headed.
Once again, I love this table in the room. It looks great with the softness created by all the white. This piece is really large- it makes a statement.

This next table was interesting, and seemed even a bit odd at first- it's pretty large (90" wide).I actually really like it in the room! Since our couch is so dark, it might be better to go with something light as oppose to a darker industrial table. It might be better to brighten things up, what do you think?

This next table is great, and it's also on clearance. I was considering this one even for the desk, it's the perfect size, but maybe the detail comes down too low to fit your legs under?
I'm going to make a follow-up post about all the other wonderful things I've found at Wisteria... There is a wonderful Swedish Repro headboard that I now covet; get excited.

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