Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter.... The Un-Familied Holiday

There are a couple rules I set in place before I grabbed my big rock from husband and said "Finally!" First and foremost, is that all holidays are spent with family! I have managed to come our on top of this argument up to this point, but husband is putting his foot down (using weather as and excuse) and standing his ground.

It will be a lonely Easter in the Douglas Shumway home.

Fortunately, this gives me the ammo I need to guilt him into a weekend full of fun and social encounters. A few ideas?

Tonight there is a Faces of Hunger exhibit at the Utah Food Bank. It may be one of the best options unless I'm up for going to the movies and calling it good... I'm usually not.

Saturday will definitely include an MS Walk, my department is involved in:

Our first date-weekend Doug and I went to the Children's Theater... it's always a good choice.

I was talking to my Hot Mommy friend, Meg, the other day and she was speaking of fun things for her little baby girl to do. She said that motherhood brings upon a new phrase, "It's fun for the kids"
And that may seem what and Easter Eggstreme might be intended for, but I doubt there will be a kid in attendance that will have more fun than Wicket and myself... and Doug will have about as much fun as all the parents.

I am not above planning to go to the Children's Theater for Alice in Wonderland, The Easter Celebreation at Thanksgiving Point
Or if I really want to show him I mean business I can subject him to his worst enemy... spectator sports. The Jazz, Real and Bees all have games on Saturday.

Ah, who am I kidding...I'm typically appeased by taking Wicket to Petsmart and calling it a night. I'm mothering a young'n now, I wake up when it's still dark outside (during the winter anyway), I can't stay our all night cheering for hot soccer or giant basketball players.


  1. Awww... tell Doug to stop being a party pooper. You should take Wickett on an easter egg hunt.