Saturday, April 11, 2009

MS Walk

So, Doug's a pretty good sport so we went to the MS Walk today with the Boren's. It was a pretty good time- we almost got a parking ticket, but we beat the parking police by like 10 seconds- but we had a great time and Wicket was a sure 'nuff hit.

We think we might start dressing him up in a Shumway Van Law t-shirt and use him for advertising. He get's so much attention.

Anyway, my department put together a team for the walk and they had an extra tshirt so Doug got one too. It was good for me to show up for school, but we had a great time aside from all that and Wicket was sure a sweet boy after he walked three miles.

We also ate at Moochies afterwards, Doug loves that place. It was in Diners Drive Inn's and Dives. I thought it was pretty good, but not as good as Doug thinks it is.

Ok, so the pictures.

This is an old school church building- it was beautiful.

The Crepe Myrtles are in bloom- all down the streets.

This is little Rachel Boren- and I love this picture of her.

Look at little Wicket getting his walk on.

Walking him was like playing a video game! It's a big deal- he likes run under feet.
Aw, a family photo... it might look familiar when you get our Christmas card.

So this is Therm... I didn't notice him- but Jenae did. He's from The Singles Ward. He gave us Power Bars.

Well, I don't know- he's just dang cute.

I kinda just thin this is a good picture of the whole deal.

BTW, we went with a gym membership to Snap Fitness down by Harmon's. We got a dang good deal and we have free tanning all this month there- you know what that means? I won't be nearly as pasty next time you see me!!

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