Wednesday, April 8, 2009

To diet or not to diet...

This week, well month, has been all about breaking the rules of healthy living. Doug was just lecturing me about needed to find my own self motivation. The thing is, I need to be in a contest to eat healthy because my competitive side is much more interested in being successful than my healthy living side.

First it was cinnamon rolls two weeks ago, then banana pudding last week, then dream bar jellO and now....FUDGE. (there was some overlap with the last two)

All desire and capacity to eat healthy was squashed this week when we got a shipment of fudge from Doug's sister Julie. Julie is the all-time most fabulous maker of fudge. It's so creamy and wonderful that you have in your mind to eat just one piece and you end up with five. I had ever intention of taking some of the massive quantities we received to Doug's office to share, but I just couldn't. I don't know that I'm confident they would appreciate it like we do- and let me tell you, we appreciate it every night after super...and multiple times throughout the day!

Thanks Julie, for the flawless fudge. And thank you husband, for being sweet enough to your sister to get us some!

On the upside, a new gym opened by our house. I called about pricing and found out that our membership could actually be as low as $36/mo for both Doug and I. That's insane! On top of that we get the first three months free if we sign a contract.

We were paying $39/each at Lifetime before we canceled it a month or so ago. We are going to go look at it today and see if we think it's worth the deal- but I can't see how it wouldn't be. I have enjoyed doing yoga, but sometimes...especially after fudge, banana pudding and jell-O I feel like I just need an hour on the elliptical!


  1. You must have done something very right to get a shipment of fudge from Julie. She does make it most fantastically. Also, pudding was a splurge? Give yourself a break. Please. Your about as big around as the tip of a pencil, when it's sharpened.

  2. Well lady... you just don't know much about my banana pudding:
    eagle brand
    cream cheese
    cool whip
    vanilla pudding
    nilla wafers

    That'll cause a heart attack for an infant!

    Doug set them up in Hawaii... I made her recipe for Christmas but it sure didn't turn out like this stuff.

  3. fudge=happiness. and i think you should make me some of that pudding next time i see you. for the love. i'm drooling.

  4. ummm... so I guess its not of the instant banana pudding variety then? :-) Still, big as a pencil.