Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Today, The Breakfast Room

I love breakfast, I love everything about it. If one is enjoying their breakfast it generally means they are not rushed. Meaning they woke up as they chose, and...basically, it's Saturday.

As a disclaimer, I cannot remember where all of these pictures came from- I may remember where I found some of them, but I cannot remember where they found them...don't judge.

Here is a nice starting place, I love the these slip covers, and the light blue and yellow are bright and cheery. I just can't get enough of these windows.

Interestingly, this next one is also blue. The chandelier is wonderful- and I even like the bottles. I'm surprised by this because I have moved away from that sort of thing...but they work here for some reason. I don't really like that plant in the background, I don't know what it's called by I have one at the office and don't love it.

Seeing this picture with all these doors open just helps me imagine a beautiful morning to a fabulous day with people sitting outside drinking the start to their day. Maybe even children, playing outside while my sisters and I sit around the table and talk about what we're going to wear for family pictures this year. It says family.

I think I may have saved the best for last, because I absolutely love this room. I love the high ceilings, the metal windows, the antique brick floors, the blue chairs, the window treatments- I love this room. I even love the mud room right off the breakfast room/kitchen. It makes eating breakfast as a family convenient. During the race out the door everyone stops for breakfast.... I love that.

Central theme? Blue, windows, love and a happy home.


  1. These breakfast rooms are beautiful -- I'm with you, love that last one with the brick floor and black metal doors. And I love the tall & expansive windows in all the rooms.

    I wish I had a room like these ones to eat my breakfast in. Although if I did, I'd probably never get up from the table!! ;-)


  2. Thanks;)

    That picture is from the octagon house

    Have you seen it?

  3. Lookin' good. Wanna help with our living room? and maybe our kitchen. We are remodeling but can't figure out a good layout! (And yes Keedan is getting so big, but he's so much more fun (and work) nowadays.)