Thursday, February 26, 2009

All I bite my nails.

Scary! I got an interview for the University of Utah Speech Pathology graduate program... Why is that scary you ask?

Because, they don't do interviews! It isn't apart of the process- the fact that they are having me come in is likely because they are on the fence about me and need some additional information. Holy freakin' cow. I have thought quite a bit about what I might do if I don't get into this program... and I come up with one thing

* cry*

I am pretty certain that my self worth will blow away with the wind if I'm not accepted. Not only because I didn't get in- but because me not getting in will mean I'm working for my husband (not all that impressive) and I have a degree in Communication (again, not at all impressive) from Texas A&M (doesn't open a lot of doors in Utah) that I got for the soul purpose of getting a masters in speech pathology. I'm not ready to have kids (and rejection isn't the best reason to start a family) so that isn't really a viable option. I'll go on, managing properties... and aging.

So, the interview is next Thursday... March 5th.


  1. u will do it!!! u are brilliant and beautiful!!! loves, molly

  2. You're going to rock it! They'll totally love you... who doesn't!