Saturday, February 21, 2009

Puppy Love.

We went and picked up Wicket yesterday- and we love him to death. We woke up super duper early and drove to Pocatello to pick him up. I was so worried about waking up late that I slept so bad and was exhausted all day-
We got him and then went over to Doug's brother Jared house. His little girl Kalli and son Ryan had so much fun playing with him. Wicket was still a little bit scared so he wasn't very playful- but I think he enjoyed it.

This is Wicket attempting to hump Doug's face. Silly boy. It's hilarious; but we're trying to teach him some manners.
He's pretty sweet, but I didn't think so last night when he was crying his guts out and I had to sleep down stairs in the foyer next to his pen all night....oh joy. No sleep, just puppy love.


  1. he's the cutest! congrats mom! :) u make me want one..... hmmmmmmm CORY!

  2. He is a very cute puppy! It will just prepare you for motherhood, because Luke is kind of like a puppy in a way. Especially when I say, "Come here Luke, crawl to mommy!" Or, "Go get it!" You also have to clean up after their pee and poop....hmmm so many similarities who knew :)

  3. I agree...this will definitely prepare you for motherhood. Too bad he doesn't wear a would just be too easy that way wouldn't it?!

  4. I couldn't agree more about the diaper- it would make life so much easier if I didn't have to worry about him pooping, and then EATING it gross! (we're working on that)

    Molly, if I had those two sweet baby girls I wouldn't need a pup;)