Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wishin' and hope-in'

Today is my sweet little niece Leia's birthday. I would post pictures of her because she really is beautiful, but I don't have any since my computer crashed a few months ago. She is 9- enjoy it little lady, the double digits aren't nearly as worry free as the singles!

Birthdays get me to thinking about all the things I would like to have- Doug and I have been on a pretty serious budget as of late (did I post that I found a gallon of milk for $.96 and a 5lb. bag of potatoes for $.99- I can't decide which is the better deal?) but there are some many things that I want right now... I made the mistake of going to DSW and I found a lovely pair of Ellen Tracy black patent leather shoes I love for $22 at 80% off... I wanted them so bad, but husband said, "I thought we just got you a dog that cost a lot of money, I didn't know you wanted everything" (well, he said something like that... I think in reality he just said "Buddy!" and that was all it took to put my credit card back in my pocket)


Here are some things that I really like, for now:

Wouldn't this be fantastic for walking through and airport with the Wickster?

Our walls are barren, save it be some of Doug's very abstract art thats nice, but just not "warm and welcoming" and curtains I bought but now hate.

Two years ago, I talked Doug into painting the kitchen red, but I'm over it- I want something else... I'm not sure what color- but I love some of the options from Restoration Hardwear... I look forward to getting done with the red.

When I moved in, Doug already had a couch... and it's comfy if you're sleeping on it (I would know, this Wicket situation is making that a regular occurrence) but when you sit on it your head is constantly pushed likey. What I do like is this leather sectional from Pottery Barn...this would pretty much double the seating in our living room and would look really sharp with the next item on my list...

Hardwood floors.... we already have hardwood in our kitchen, but we really want to pull up the carpet in the living room and put down hard wood. One of my friends mentioned that lying on the floor and watching TV wouldn't be as nice if we had hardwood- but let's be honest... no one lays on our floor, we never have people over, and we have the basement for that...

And this is just lovely. It makes me feel...tired. Wait, I think that's just Wicket.

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