Thursday, February 26, 2009

Up on the hill...

Those guys up on the "hill" are nuts! I just don't see how they come up with some of these ideas...for those of you who aren't familiar with Utah politics the lovely Senator Valentine pushed through legislation a while back that requires restaurants to hide liquor bottels and have a partitian between the bar and the back bar -- that silly man wants to build and entire ten foot wall to cover the whole back bar so people cannot see drinks mixed or poured.... what?!? Sensor, much?

Also, this company Energy Solutions that wants to pay the state sooo much money to import nuclear waste into the Utah waste lands...Why is this such and issue- no one even goes over there... have you ever flown to Tahoe? Western Utah is disgusting! Nothing can live- why not make a buck off of it? Personally I wasn't oppose even before Energy Solutions offered to share profits with the state- but now? Now I'm choppin' at the bit.

Raising taxes to $1.30 on cigarettes? whatever... Raising taxes on food and gas? What- did you know we are in a recession? How about raising taxes on Seven Jeans? As a fellow designer jean wearer myself, I'm all about a good deal- but why raise taxes on things we have to have? Raise them on things we like to have... Hail to the Fair Tax!

There are my opinions... take them or leave them- and for goodness sakes, write your senators!

State Rep: Greg Hughes - 801-538-1029;
US Rep: Matheson - (801) 486-1236 ;
US Senator: Orrin Hatch- (202) 224-5251
US Senator: Bob Bennett- 801-524-5933
State Senator: Howard Stephenson- 801-538-1035;

go get em'


  1. I love your post. I could not agree more. Matt and I were talking about it last night when we were watching the news. I can't believe they are even debating about putting a ten-foot wall up. Who knows what they will really be doing behind that wall. I love the excuse they use as well. "We don't want kids to see the alcohol, or the alcohol being mixed." That is a bunch of crap. They are going to see it on the table, they will see it in other places they travel to, it is really no big secret. I will be writing letters to the senators you posted. Thanks for being so motivated!

  2. Glad you are fired up Lindsey! My mom is very involved in politics. She ran for state legislature several years ago, but lost. She is the chair on a board for an organization that focuses on parents and their choice in education. I have been writing our representatives about education bills and some of the stupid things the UEA is trying to pass. It is amazing to me how blind people are about what is going on, and how much we can all make a difference if we put in a little effort.

  3. So true... so true. I have them all on speed dial!