Monday, February 23, 2009


I'm sitting at home with Wicket waiting for him to go to the bathroom so I can go to work. Apparently two month olds are only supposed to be able to hold their urine for 3 hours (2 months+1) but we learned he likes to hold it for 4!

(He can hold it a lot longer, when we picked him up at 9:30 in the morning, he held it until 3:00pm that's 6!- but I think it was because he was so scared)

We've been trying to take things easy on him while he becomes acclimated to his crate; that philsophy changed yesterday while Doug was pup-sitting during my nap (I nap now, it's part of motherhood), and he pottied 6 times within two hours!

Ok- so far, we had his crate inside a metal pen with a potty pad. When he was in the metal pen he whined, but he would use the potty pad. We didn't like to keep him locked up, so we would sometimes leave the metal pen open while we were in the room with him so he could come and go as he pleased. Somehow, he got in the habit of walking right past the pad and pottying on the carpet!

Yesterday, he was such a naughty little pup, he thought it was so fun to watch Doug scrammble to clean up- and Doug isn't the expert in puppy training, I've read books and books in preparation for this step but he hasn't- so he would let him play with his hand as he was scrubbing the carpet and play with him after he cleaned up(Big no. no.) .... Anyway- when I woke up I was so MAD at our little pup... he doesn't get to be the boss; what is he thinking?- sure he's cute as a button but he needs to potty on a schedule like the rest of us!

So I rocked his world last night when I locked him in his crate and only let him come out to potty. You know, the rules that everyone says you should follow but we didn't because we thought we could do it better... We had a looong night because I was trying to get him to go every 3 hours and he only needs to go every four hours. So this is what our night looked like:

9 pm- potty then play and back to crate
12am- attempted to potty, no success- back to crate
12:10am- attempted to potty, no success- back to crate
- repeated every 15 minutes until
1:30- potty then play and back to crate
4:40- attempted to potty, no success- back to crate
- repeated every 20 minutes until
5:30 -poop (yay) play then back to crate
7:30 - potty then play and back to crate
10:30- started the potty attempting process, no success at of 11:10 the pup is fast asleep.

*When I say potty- I mean I took him to the potty pad by the front door. I am not trying t take him would take too many trips and it's too cold for lil'Wicket out there. I tried to take him out and he almost froze.

Now that you know what my schedule has been like... Molly, would you still like a pup?


  1. maybe a dog...... he is so cute though!!! :)

  2. Lindsey! I want to play with this little guy..but do I have to get him to potty first. That seems to be the routine. He gets up more than Danielle in the night. And I think diapers would be GREAT! but...they are expensive!

  3. Wow I am starting to think being a mom of a human pup is easier :)